Steve Shaffer

Who is this guy?

Steve Shaffer is a Catholic husband, father, programmer, and musician (theoretically in that order). This is his website, and there is not much on it. It's mostly just a playground for web design ideas from 5 years ago ;)

If it looks really bad, you should probably update your browser. If it still looks bad, then fix it yourself! :)

Recent Presentations

Here's some links to recent presentations I've given.


Steve works at Google as an engineering manager on Google's scaled and automated support products.


Steve used to work at Veritone building aiWARE with React, Angular, Node, and lots of other stuff.

Veritone is seriously innovating the push of A.I. into the enterprise and you should definitely use it to make better business decisions!


Steve used to work at Barracuda building the SignNow web app in Angular and Node.

SignNow is the slickest platform for eSignatures there is, and you should definitely use it to sign all your documents!


For many years, Steve worked at EEC doing GIS, web apps, and all sorts of other stuff.

EEC has the best GIS game in town, and you should definitely use them for your technology and/or environmental needs.


Some code experiments I'm toying with